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Remember, you need to have and bring these documents to the the test for you to be elgible for the test!

  • Vehicle Registration – must be current

  • Proof of Insurance – must be current

  • Michigan Graduated Level One Learners License MUST BE AT LEAST 6 MONTHS OLD for you to do the test (under 18 yrs. old)

    or Michigan Temporary Instruction Permit MUST BE AT LEAST 30 DAYS OLD unless waived due to previos license/permit and no OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS (over 18 yrs. old)

  • Segment 2 Certificate of Completion (under 18 yrs. old)

  • Driving Log or phone app showing 50 hours, including 10 night (under 18yrs. Old)

    To check your 6 month eligibility
    date look at the following document >>

    Example of MI Graduated Level 1 Learners License and Segment 2 >>

Vassar Area Skills Testing