Important Information

Please read before you schedule your test!

The Fee for the Test is $55.00.  We can accept check or cash. 


If the applicant does not have all documentation or if the vehicle does not pass the Safety Inspection; there wil be a $20.00 fee. 


We will not be able to reschedule another appointment until the $20.00 is paid.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your test, please call at least 24 hours before the appointment.  Same day cancellations or no shows will be required to remit payment in advance of rescheduling along with the $20.00 fee.


Vehicle Safety Check – Before beginning the test, the state requires that we do a full safety check of the vehicle.  The following things must be operational on the vehicle you bring for your test.

  • Brakes & Brake Lights, including the center brake light.

  • Headlights, Tail Lights, & front and rear Turnsignals

  • Horn

  • Speedometer

  • Seat Belts

  • Windshield – no view obstructing cracks, Washer and Wipers, & Windows - driver’s window must be operable

  • Tires – not bald or showing cords


If any of these items are not working we CANNOT do the test.



  • Vehicle Registration – must be current

  • Proof of Insurance – must be current

  • Michigan Graduated Level One Learners License MUST BE AT LEAST 6 MONTHS OLD for you to do the test (under 18 yrs. old)

    or Michigan Temporary Instruction Permit MUST BE AT LEAST 30 DAYS OLD unless waived due to previos license/permit and no OLDER THAN 6 MONTHS (over 18 yrs. old)

  • Segment 2 Certificate of Completion (under 18 yrs. old)

  • Driving Log or phone app showing 50 hours, including 10 night (under 18yrs. Old)


State law requires that no other passagers are allowed in the vehicle besides the parent or guardian, unless you are over 18, in which case, only the examiner is allowed. 


It is also a good idea to practice the parking before coming.  You must pass the Basic Control Skills before going on the road.  The following elements are included in the parking portion of the test.

  1. Forward stop

  2. Sight side backing

  3. Blind side backing (Parallel Parking)

In the event the driver fails the basic skills portion or the driving portion, the test fee remains the full $55.00, however, the fee for a re-test is $40.00. 

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